Aquaculture Tanks, Rectangular Tanks, and Panel Tanks

Want to increase your fish stocking capacity? D&T Fiberglass has multiple configurations in various sizes from 54 to 6,400 gallon capacities. Each of our tanks is handmade, providing the capability for filter boxes, viewing ports, lids, drain pipes, sloped floors, baffles, insulation, reinforced floors, and PVC legs to suit your needs.

All of our Aquaculture tanks are made using only the highest quality Marine Grade gel coats to insure longevity and safety for your organisms.


Circular Tanks

monolithic circular tanksUsually for smaller applications, our Circular Tanks range from 18 to 4,240 gallon capacities. These tanks are monolithic, meaning that they are ready for use as soon as they come off the truck. Check out our size list to see which Circular Tank is right for you!

Rectangular Tanks

Rectangular tanks are versatile in capacity and dimensions. Not only are these tanks a favorite for Aquaculture, but they also can be configured for food processing, sedimentation, and numerous other liquid or dry uses. Take a look at our size chart to see our standard sizes.

Panel Tanks

Our panel tanks are popular for use in both the Aquaculture and water treatment industries because of their inexpensive shipping costs and easy onsite assembly. We provide an assembly kit with each tank. Check out our size chart to see our panel tank dimensions.

Visit our Services page to learn how we can provide a team for installation services.