Fiberglass Repair, Retrofit and Installation Services

D&T Fiberglass provides complete field repair, retrofit and installation of fiberglass tanks. Our staff can determine if it is more cost effective to fix a tank, rather than require a full replacement.

We provide crack fill-ins, paint touch-ups, retrofit of new supports, delivery systems, or plumbing items with our mobile team of fiberglass technicians.

Our service area consists of California and the Western United States. Call today to schedule fiberglass tank repair: (916) 383-9012.

  • Water Tanks
  • Wet Wells
  • Chemical Tanks
  • Food Processing and Storage Tanks
  • Hauling Tanks
  • Aquaculture and Fish Breeding Tanks

Standard Scheduled and Emergency Repairs Available

We'll work with you to create a standard scheduled maintenance schedule that can reduce downtime from broken or damaged tanks. If needed, we can provide Emergency Fiberglass Tank repairs and get your systems up and running quickly.

Call (916) 383-9012 today to schedule a review of your fiberglass tank repair needs.

CA Contractor State License 1003413.

on-site fiberglass tank repair and retrofit service